Suitable for long wear

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Suitable for long wear

Beitragvon noanoa am Fr 29. Jun 2012, 10:43

Beats Solo Has a total of black and white two colors to choose from, the headset as a whole is made of lightweight plastic material, the material is solid, good durability. This headset is the most important feature of using the middle part of its auricular panel replaceable design, presented in the package to facilitate the users to freely use with one pair of color covers. The headset of the first beam part of the hollow design, can effectively reduce the pressure on the head; The earmuffs part using a soft sponge made of materials suitable for long wear.
Beats Studio Frequency Range 20-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohm, sensitivity of 105dB. The headset's microphone with short wheat design, integrated in the side of the ear shell, the vocals are better able to wear collection, call quality is clearer, but also to ensure the overall appearance. Beats For Sale Integrated headset in the wire on wire designed to be used to adjust the size of the volume and control microphone switch design is more intimate.
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